Tick Tock


It is said that time stops for no one…no matter how much we need it to, or to have it at least slow down.  It is also said that time marches on.  I don’t know about you, but I think it does more than march—it flies.  I look at the calendar and am somewhat taken aback that it is the middle of May already.

We have celebrated the New Year, gotten through March Madness, survived the first quarter, and now summer is upon us.

You did survive first quarter, right?  Your plans are on track, adjustments have been made for the second quarter that is two-thirds over, and you are able to sail through the sometimes lean summer months without a worry in the world.

If that doesn’t describe you and your organization, perhaps we need to talk.

If you are like most organizations, your business plan is on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.  You operate more from a reactionary role than a futuristic one. Often, leaders spend time relieving the pain rather than diagnosing the disease.  Pain relief in a business is a good place to start, from there a business needs to conduct an in-depth assessment of its overall health and develop and implement plans to avoid long-term pain in the future.

There will always be pain points in any organization.  The solution is in having a diagnosis and cure readily available.  A well-developed strategic plan is like having a medical journal for your business.  While it may not list every disease and cure, it will provide the organization with a reference to prevent the disease from destroying an otherwise healthy business.

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