About Us

PEAK Operational Strategies puts the focus back on people: People as leaders, workers, clients, part of the community and most importantly, part of the solution.

PEAK Operational Strategies is an innovative consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, and serving the central and southwest U.S. about usregions. We are trusted advisors for companies that value intentional collaborative change, accountability, and sustainable results. Our consultants are industry experts committed to delivering exceptional results in key areas such as strategy facilitation, innovation, leadership development, and change management.

We understand that the landscape of business is constantly changing – new regulations, technologies, employee turnover, and the list goes on. In all of this change, you have a choice: be continuously reactive, bogged down in the daily minutiae while your organization changes without your input or consent – OR – be innovative and proactive, creating an actionable road-map that moves the organization in the direction of your choosing.

Through our tools, our methodology, and our expertise, we work collaboratively with you to unearth the views, information, and input needed to develop the roadmap as well as an implementation plan that is right for you and your organization. During the process, we also work to equip you with the resources and tools to navigate future difficulties.

Integrity * Empathy * Objectivity

In the same way that we consider integrity, empathy, and objectivity as the foundation to an enduring infrastructure for our clients, we also hold them as our core business values.

Integrity: our consultants share our belief that the consistency of our character is evidenced by our actions We believe in the importance of building open, honest and meaningful relations with our network of consultants, our clients and our community and we work to build those same type of relations between you and your stakeholders.

Empathy: our consultants have real world experience – they’ve been in your shoes. The perspectives and insights that come from having worked in the trenches themselves are as important as the tools and the methodology models we use to develop solutions with you.

Objectivity: our consultants work with you to take that critical “step back” Utilizing multi-disciplinary team that pair industry experts with subject matter experts prevents personal or professional bias from encroaching on our client engagements.


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